Teaching at The Tree

Connecting to the source, guided by mindful workshops and visionary talks.

Teachings from The Giving Tree will focus on how to grow our unique inner fruit to give to the planet Taika, how to connect and grow stronger next to each other. This area will offer collective practices, rituals and private inner journeys with aha moments.  



Sustainability is highly  important for planet Taika and it’s tribes, we will share  advice on recycle, respace, build authentic connections and  communities with a sense of belonging. The Giving Tree will show us how  to develop a deeper and more holistic vision for co-living and connecting to the source. 


Gee Sinha: Building for Social Change – 3 Stages of Revolution

Gee Sinha, founder of ReSpace Projects, a not-for-profit social enterprise that helps engage people with environmental issues – and provides a street-level method for reusing huge amounts of wasted resources.

We help community groups obtain disused space for local activities that can help educate and inspire people to develop habits that are healthier for the planet. Now that action groups have brought wide-spread attention to the climate, we believe initiatives like ReSpace are the next step necessary to help develop a society that is more unified and proactive in our approach to global warming.






Daniel Gardonyi & Sherry Yavas: MicroGreens – easy to grow without a garden

Microgreens are fast, convenient, easy to grow without a garden, large space or big investments. Microgreens are young seedlings of edible vegetables and herbs harvested less than 14 days after germination. Research has shown that these mini-greens pack in a major punch when it comes to nutrition and contain even more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants (4 to 40-fold more concentrated) than their full-sized counterparts. 

Daniel Gardonyi is Environmental / Human Rights Activist, Solutionary. Been part of the struggle for a sustainable and just world for the last 10 years. Hoping to seed ideas and connect people and projects in the ever expanding network of change.

Sherry Yavas: Certified Herbalist, Educational Therapist, Food as Medicine researcher and consultant. Working in respect of divine benevolent harmony to heal our world starting with one’s self and expanding to our whole biosphere.















Tom Manwell: Conscious Co-living interactive workshop  

Tom is an Architect with his own London-based practice (Dreamstudio Architecture)   and a keen interest in how physical space can support social interaction and well-being. He is part of Conscious Co-living team that envision a future living paradigm where people are consciously connected to self, others and nature.

“Sustainable co-living living means a way of living together in community which is both environmentally and socially sustainable. In particular there is an increasing need for a new model of living for those in their 20s and 30s which combats loneliness through encouraging community, provides well designed modern accommodation for those not yet able to purchase a property, helps those with similar interests support each other’s personal and worldly growth, reduces carbon footprints through greater sharing of resources and increases the well-being and happiness of its residents through encouraging connection rather than consumerism.”




Green Than Green Project: Ways to recycle 

Greener than Green Projects is a nonprofit  Recycling and litter picking service offered by a team of dedicated semi-professionals. The Earth and Environment loving will give a talk on the importance of recycling and ways to do it. The foremost benefit or recycling is the fact that it helps in protecting the environment, reduces global warming, promotes sustainable usage of resources. There are several steps that can be taken to improve your recycling experience and help maintain a healthy environment for future generations.








John Phoenix: Eco-Warrior

Networker, Director Solution Zone Tv, Trustee SpaceGenerators Charity, Strategy/environment-consultant, Occupy London, Extinction Rebellion activist. 










“Healing is an art. It takes Time. It takes Practice. It takes Love”


Benjamin Mudge: Entheogenic Plants for Spiritual Healing

Entheogenic plants such as ayahuasca, magic mushrooms, peyote and iboga have been used by indigenous cultures for millennia, as medicinal sacraments that facilitate tangible connection with The Divine. The consumption of psychedelic drugs like LSD at Psy Trance festivals can be understood as a contemporary equivalent of these ancient rituals.

In addition to their spiritual awakening value, these Entheogens have unique and significant action on brain chemistry which has attracted the interest of Psychiatrists and neuroscientists. The field of Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy was becoming popular in the 1960s, until these substances were outlawed. Recently a “Psychedelic Renaissance” in Psychiatry has happened, and now mainstream culture is beginning to accept their therapeutic value.

This presentation will give an overview of each of the popular Entheogens: explaining their history, their unique methods of action and their healing potential. A balance of scientific information, spiritual insights and practical tips will be delivered.

Benjamin Mudge is doing PhD research in Psychiatry about “The Therapeutic Potential of Ayahuasca for People with Bipolar Disorder”, and he is the Curator of the London Ayahuasca Symposium, and a regular speaker at Psychedelic Science conferences around the world. Mudge organised the mission to The Parliament of the World’s Religions to get ayahuasca ceremonies acknowledged as legitimate religious practices, and he advocates for the legal authorisation of safe and sacred ayahuasca ceremonies because he wants people with mental illness to have these as a treatment option. Mudge has been a peace and justice activist for 28 years, and he also sings sacred ayahuasca music under the name Santa Estrela.





Rebecca Rainbow: Immersive Poetry

Rebecca Rainbow will fully reveal the extent of her synaptic explorations through dynamic electric spoken word.

For 15 years, Rebecca has performed live to many different audiences from private to public events and festivals, in England and beyond. So prepare yourself for the synaptic exfoliation of the mind in this ecstatic and collaborative experience!

Drenched in shimmering fractal colour, living a multi dimensional, artistic life, she combines the fun and frolics of expansive thinking, integrating it with her professional work with children, and workshops with adults; integrating the world of colour, spirituality and self development.






Migle Bockovaite: Crystal Healing 

Professional Crystal and Angelic Reiki healer, Arcturian starseed and intuitive channel. Professional education @ Vibrational Healing foundation ( Subtle Energy Medicine Practitioner Diploma); and Angelic Reiki Association ( 1st/2nd/ 3rd and 4th Master degrees ) . 

Also, plant medicine woman, initiated into working with Rapeh, currently undergoing training with such sacred master teacher plants as Wachuma and Wilka. During her workshop she will present the crystal kingdom and how to facilitate crystal healing sessions in a safe and profound way. 







Ieva Wildlovebeamer & Cat Duval: Social Yoga playshop 

Social Yoga playshop is a lighthearted and deep human bonding experience through yoga, interactive meditations and games.

The space holders: Ieva WildLoveBeamer and Cat Duval are Social Yoga International founders providing yoga teacher trainings for those who are passionate in creating human bonding experiences through yoga.


















Aria Astra Amorosa: Tantra Healing 

Tantra fuses perfectly with the festival’s focus on ecology. As we must be in harmonious balance within our own inner landscapes & ecology if we are to perceive and make proactive changes to our planet’s ecology. Tantra means weaving & connection in itself, it was said by the early siddhas of India that at the time of this world’s most disruptive/chaotic stage, Tantra would be the Key & means of reconnection to our true potential and each other. It’s not a spiritual practice that devoids the nitty gritty or the physical body, it’s a perfect practice suitable for these times.

I’ve been studying Tantra for many years and have given talks & workshops regarding this ever so misunderstood esoteric buzzword. Apart from thorough personal study and having great teachers like Mantak Chia & some beautiful classical Indian tantric teachers, I was also initiated into the Vajrayana (otherwise known as Tantrayana..) Tantric Buddhist path, where i deepened my understanding and practices.

My talk/workshop is an interactive immersion where I cover these topics:

  • Why tantra is so important for our current times
  • The history of Tantra *Different types/linages of tantra (Sanatama Dharma/Hindu, Taoist, Red, White, Black tantra
  • Practices one can do by yourself or with a partner
  • Ethics of Tantra
  • A small insight into sex magick
  • Q & A