Slamboree Soundsystem

Slamboree has manifested itself in many different guises over the years​ to form a​n ​anarchic
pack of revolutionary performers and musicians that have poured their hearts, energy​ and pure insanity into a unique and extravagant stage experience.

The idea hatched in the deepest darkest crevices of multi-award winning musician Mike Freear’s mind who later joined forces with vocal powerhouse and linguistic snake charmer Kathika Rabbit. Guided by the tantalising visuals of theatrical artistic director Lizzie West, Slamboree is a collective of multi-skilled, revolutionary performers and musicians that put energy, passion and pure insanity into their unique and extravagant immersive stage experiences.

Bringing their storm to stages across the world – this is unlike anything you will have seen before. You’ll hear them coming and they’re coming in full force….