Mark Day

Mark Day, born in London in 1987. Having grown up next to a farm Mark certainly had the natural smell pumped up his nose from the first day. After discovering electronic music at the age of 14 he began his voyage into the world of sound – after doing a little bit of research on the internet about psytrance he really wanted to find the parties but he couldn’t until one day he accidentally came across one whilst going into a random club with his friends – that moment changed his life.

After finding out about the underground parties in and around London he started to go every weekend and his love for the music grew. After some time he started to DJ at the London parties and then after some more time he started to make his own tracks, in his underpants in his bedroom and shortly afterwards he started to play his music around Europe and then the rest of the world.

Full psychedelic power would be the best way to describe his music, using layers and layers of sounds and effects, he always wants people on the dancefloor to have a trippy time.