M-THEORY has produced a full studio album and several EPs, remixes and tracks on a number of established labels such as Digital OM, BMSS, Blacklite, Grasshopper, Antu, Free-Spirit, Profound and Alchemy. He has played at some of the leading festivals around the world like Boom, Ozora, Universo Paralello, Antaris, Fusion, The Experience, Indian Spirit, Shankra and Sonica, as well as in club nights across Europe and at London underground parties.

Marcello started djing as soon as he arrived in England from Italy at the end of the Nineties. He became an event promoter and was one of the founders of the legendary ‘Fairy Tales’ parties in London. CIMI, his first project as a producer, was born in 2003 and was inspired by early full-on and progressive psytrance.

After a few releases, Marcello teamed up with his former partner Rob Nichols and started to work on M-THEORY. Together they gravitated towards a faster psychedelic sound. The CIMI project was put on hold while M-THEORY were touring and producing their first full-on psytrance album ‘Branes’, released by Alchemy Records in 2009.

Marcello went solo as M-THEORY at the beginning of 2011. During this transition he also resumed work on the CIMI project and was signed to UK label Furthur Progressions, which released ‘White World Bridger’, his progressive debut album, in 2013.

M-THEORY has been steadily producing and releasing music since. He has worked with prominent names in the scene including Zen Mechanics, Sonic Species, Pixel, Rinkadink, Burn In Noise, Earthling, Outsiders and Hypnocoustics. He has also remixed tracks by the likes of Avalon, Gaudi, ManMadeMan and Cosmosis. He has regular studio collaborations with talented artists and dedicates any spare time to honing his mastering skills.