Liquidyne will be joining us with a special downtempo set for the *LSD Ambient Sessions* at The Giving Tree on Friday night.

British producer Liquidyne (Stanley Manning) is a neophyte to Liquid Sound Design. Stans’ passion for dance music started at the age of 16 in a forest just outside of Exeter. After witnessing the unifying power of punchy four to the floor earth tremblers, a sine from below compelled him to hitch hike home and begin crafting his sound. Now based in London, keep an eye out for this promising producer, afterall…. when your pop is Mark Manning of Zodiac Youth (legendary 90s Goa trance act alongside Martin ‘Youth’ Glover) it seems inevitable to fall into music at such a young age!
Liquidyne was keen to incorporate the South West party jangle with the psychedelic sonic collage, pioneered by Liquid Sound Design. ‘Children of Eden’ is the debut EP from the 20 year old. Check it here: