Kuba joins The Giving Tree Festival with the Liquid Sound Design Records *LSD Ambient Sessions* on Friday night.

Kuba is the artist name used by producer Laurence Harvey (Born 1980, Cambridge, UK) for his explorations in to a wide range of genres including dub/electronica/world music/reggae/ambient and psychedelic to name but a few. Laurence uses a combination of analogue synths, software and plays a wide range of acoustic instruments, all blended using 21st century studio techniques.

Laurence began releasing music as Kuba in 2006 when Youth (producer of Pink Floyd, The Verve, Crowded House and bassist of Killing Joke) first heard his solo project and produced the debut Kuba album ‘Inside Out’ which was released in 2006 on Liquid Sound Design Records. Laurence has released a further four albums, numerous singles and EP’s, and has completed mixes for many well known bands including Shpongle, Banco De Gaia, Tripswitch, Suns Of Arqa and Entheogenic. Kuba tracks have featured on albums alongside respected artists Major Lazer, Nitin Sawhney, Jay Z, Panjabi MC, Anoushka Shankar, Ott, Missy Eliot, Talvin Singh, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, The Orb and many more.

The sixth full length Kuba album ‘Animalia’ was released in 2018 on Liquid Sound Design Records. The new album was written and recorded in Youth’s space mountain studio in Spain. Whilst working in the studio Laurence also mixed live studio sessions for Shpongle, Suns of Arqa, Nick Turner (Hawkwind) and worked alongside John Leckie (producer of Pink Floyd ‘Meddle’ and ‘Wish You Were Here’). Laurence also collaborated with The Orb and Jah Wobble (Public Image Ltd) playing Bass on ‘The Lighthouse Family’ and Hollie Cooks new album. Almost finished with his next album, Laurence is back on the road with his live show; performing material from his latest album, unreleased tracks and collaborations he has been working on over the last two years.

You can hear ‘Animalia’ here: