In order to minimise plastic on site, The Giving Tree Festival is distributing free steel cups with the event logo to guests who will be joining the party this weekend.

Festival director Joey Soden said the event aims to start as it means to go on.

He said: “We’re asking all our guests not to bring single-use plastics such as bottles for water and drinks.

“If you’re adamant you cannot get rid of it at the gate, we ask you to take all your plastic rubbish with you after the festival and leave nothing on site. If you can bring it in, you can take it out.”

As a token of thanks, Joey said every guest will be gifted a stainless steel cup embellished with a logo of the Giving Tree, and which can be cleaned and refilled during the festival.
The festival production has aimed to be as plastic free as possible too.
Joey added: “We’re not using any PVC, cable ties, gaffa tapes or MDF.”

He said less than four percent (half a ton) of an estimated 10 tons of materials used during production will go to landfill.

“The rest, we’ll up-cycle, reuse and recycle for events in the future.”

He said the Giving Tree Festival team will collate data post production to work out the amount of waste generated per person.

“This gives us our starting point to begin setting targets and get even better at cutting right down on waste in the future.”